Industrial internship

A six months professional mission within industry or administration is completing the master's curriculum with 16 credits. (1/3 of the total credits)

Professional mission Starting date : 1th of May 2008
Closure : 1th of November 2008
Final Defence : In Europe or in Asia

  • Intensive preparation of the professional mission during the first 8 months period of lectures The student will highly benefit from the expertise of the professors. Time will be allocate to prepare and investigate the subject a few hours each week. An initial presentation at the end of the 8 months of courses is planned allowing the student to be fully operational to start his internship.
  • The Professional mission will be followed by two experts (one from Ecole des Mines and one from Tsinghua). Two formal visits are planed along the 6 months.
  • The final Defence will be presented to a Jury including Ecole des Mines and Tsinghua Professors as well as industrial experts.

The final grade allocated to the industrial internship will include the report assessment and the defence assessment.

Examples of possible professional missions for Energy :

  • Energy management on an industrial site - Energy accounting and follow up of the energy costs
  • Multi-criteria analysis of solutions based on renewable energies in specific Asian regions
  • Financial and Technical assessment of decentralised electricity supply
  • Business plan for specific renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind energy, ...)
  • Relevance of bio-ethanol production in China
  • Well to wheel analysis for advanced competitive techniques for transport (fuel cell vehicle, hybrid vehicle, ...)
  • ...